Rhino K2 FLASHER 180mm
  • Rhino K2 FLASHER 180mm

Rhino K2 FLASHER 180mm

19,90 €
Pristatysime per 2-5 d.d.
  • AGILE ACTION: super lively retrieve action, seduces predators such as salmon, cod and sea trout even from long distances
  • ATTRACTIVE DECORS: Effective and beautiful, developed by professionals and matched to the target species
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE: Two different sizes, suitable for both downrigger and side planer use
  • EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY: allows the angler to always have a sufficient and effective selection on board
Spalva: FireTiger

The Firetiger really comes into its own in very murky water or overcast weather. Always worth a try in difficult conditions in almost all depths of water. / The subtle blue-green pattern on copper is perfect for sunshine and clear water when the fish are tempted to take a closer look. A go-to lure for the upper layers of water.

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