Rhino Mag (115 mm)
  • Rhino Mag (115 mm)

Rhino Mag (115 mm)

7,99 €
Pristatysime per 2-5 d.d.
  • AGILE ACTION: super lively retrieve action with pronounced tail-kicks, seduces predators such as salmon, cod and sea trout even from long distances
  • ATTRACTIVE DECORS: Effective and beautiful, developed by professionals and matched to the target species
  • SOLID GRIP: Optimal VMC hooks with Permasteel coating will secure your catch
  • EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY: allows the angler to always have a sufficient and effective selection on board
Spalva: Beluga

Neon green/yellow and white – these colours should be banned! They never fail to catch whether with a downrigger or flat, in sunshine or adverse weather. / Green and neon yellow on gold is often the winner on heavily fished estuaries. The somewhat more discreet colours catch in the top 15 metres in sunny weather.

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