Cormoran VEYCOR BR 4PiF
  • Cormoran VEYCOR BR 4PiF
  • Cormoran VEYCOR BR 4PiF

Cormoran VEYCOR BR 4PiF

43,90 €
Pristatysime per 2-20 d.d.
  • 3 steel ball bearings
  • Automatic free spool system, adjustable
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse®, stageless
  • Finely adjustable spool drag
  • Aluminum longcast spool
  • CNC cut aluminum handle
  • Soft-touch handle knob
  • PowerBail
  • Large anti-twist line roller
  • Longlife bail spring
Modelis: 2500
Užsakoma prekė (pristatymas trunka ilgiau)


Free spool reel

The smaller models of the VeyCor BR 4PiF are the proper choice for common coarse fishing for all smaller target fish as well as for fishing for barbels and trouts. Due to its free spool system it can be also conveniently applied for match fishing.

The larger models of this series are designed for heavy fishing for carps or for fishing at strong currents as well as for feeder fishing.

The VeyCor BR 4PiF reels are equipped with a lightweight two tone aluminum spool. The free spool system works precisely and can be adjusted over a broad range, allowing even to set the system to zero resistance.
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