Lamiglas Classic Glass
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Lamiglas Classic Glass

137,60 €
Pristatysime per 2-5 d.d.

We never overlook the smallest of our favorite salmon, the Kokanee. The new CG 70 DR adds an exceptional downrigger Kokanee rod to this value-laden series. Additionally, the CG 86 MHS adds a spinning rod to the line. 


These rods are for the plug pullers, backtrollers, herring trollers and downrigger anglers that excel on the water by keeping it simple. The premise behind moderate action glass rods is simple: if you allow a fish to get a firm hold of your bait or lure, the result will be a solid hook-up. And most often it really is just that simple. New to the series is the CG 70 DR, the ultimate ultra-light downrigger rod for Kokanne salmon, along with the CG 86 MHS, the first spinning rod in the line-up. Traditional styling makes these rods all-around winners.

CG 86 MHS 2.62m 10.5-28gr
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