Manyfik BuBu OL
  • Manyfik BuBu OL

Manyfik BuBu OL

5,60 €
Pristatysime per 2-5 d.d.
Dydis: 6g. 21mm.
Spalva: S004 Blue


extraordinary decoy especially for elk fish

The BuBu lure is simply a combination of a metal body and a paddle with a swivel. However, its optimal weight and compact design allow you to make really long casts. The wing turns not only when pulling, but also when falling. An additional advantage of our BuBu lure is also the vibration of the body caused by the work of the wing and light flashes achieved thanks to the use of a hammered wing. This type of wings produced in the USA is an unusual lure, especially for salmon fish. It is the perfect lure if you plan to fish for perch and trout, but pikes and chubs also like the lure.

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